July 18


It might interest BLM and mean spirited anti-cop haters to know that there are approximately 800,000 members of law enforcement that make about 63,000,000 stops or encounters per year.

Hmmm…Let’s see just how many “pig buddies” misfit the uniform.

Fact: Less than .00025% of policemen misfit the uniform. That’s a better average than you’d find amongst clergy!

Further, out of 1.5M pedestrian stops annualy, 10,000 filed complaints; that’s .0066 % of potential police misconduct. Only about 1/5 or.0013% of those are prosecuted. 1/3 are convicted bringing the % down to .00043 or 43 convictions, just about the national average of rogue officers taking into account all the annual traffic stops and encounters.

This should serve to contextulizes the insults that police officers endure.