July 18



The Muslim claim that strict adherence to the Quran is on the extreme fringe of Islam is like calling the Vatican the extreme fringe of Catholicism.

Islam is not misunderstood. It causes fear in the hearts and minds of civilized people. It is the action of extremist Muslims that cause alarm and is common place in all the Middle Eastern countries. The Quran is incorporated in their constitutions.

Borders are no barrier to these beliefs. Moderniized countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Kuwait, and Iran all share common ideals.

Why should we respect Islam? We are under no obligation to compromise with an ideology that preaches death to homosexuals, adultery, and blasphemy. Gender discrimination, unequal testimony in court between men and women, child marriage, beheadings, amputations Anti-Semitism, executions, death threats to those who disagree, Muslim patrols, rapes and Suria law are all part of daily life of Islam.

The West has nothing in common with Islam. Democracy has no common bond with Muslim extremists. That is precisely why so many went to immigrate to our country. They want to leave behind oppression and look forward to the freedom we offer.

Peaceful Muslims interpret the Quran to mold their views to meet civilized criteria. They choose to live with their neighbors in peace and respect other’s views….not so with the Islamic religion. It lacks political and religious tolerance and advocates violence and injustice.

When these cultures immigrate to tthe United States either they blend in and respect our way of living or send them back while not letting the door hit them on the way out.

Left Wing doubters look no farther than France, Germany, Belgium and Great Britain. Hoards of Muslim refugees have overrun these kind hearted countries. All of them are plagued with Muslims practicing Sharia Law and the principles of the Quran.