While it seems that they would yield the same result, not so, they are likely opposites.

Appeasement in a political context is a diplomatic policy of making political or material concessions to an enemy power in order to avoid conflict.

The policy of Appeasement adopted by the last three Presidents was a system of yields, compromises, and sanctions that has allowed Kim Jong Un to build the H bomb and an ICBM missile delivery system.

North Korea is a worldwide nuclear threat run by a mentally defective dictator who doesn’t hesitate to kill his own family, uses brutal torture on its political prisoners, and starves its own people.

It is the mouse that roared

The US has chosen persuasion over coercion. It has encouraged KJU to think he can do whatever he wants.He knows we will do nothing. That is why China is sitting on the sidelines doing nothing but lip service. Each player has a different agenda, none coincide, and driven by a deranged mad man. .

We lack their ruthlessness. We live up to our good guy image. The last 4 wars, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf and Iraq, did not produce the definitive results that WWI & WW2 did. We are literally gun-shy. We are divided; the left is the dove and the right is the hawk.

Technology is the key. That’s because any preemptive strike must include taking out the massive amount of artillery on the border, all aimed at Seoul, 30 miles away. At the same time, the missile installations and the nuclear storage will be wiped out. If the timing is not perfect, 10M will be wiped out.

There was never a war that is more easier to start or stop. It’s the chicken game all over again. Who is going to flinch first? China, KJU, or the US?

Will the US pull the trigger? Time is short, very short. Mr. President, make up your mind.