1. Allowing the JV ISIS to spawn.
2. Obamacare.
3. Added $10 Trillion in debt.
4. Congressional gridlock.
5. Countless executive orders.
6. Failed reset with Russia.
7. Defriended Israel.
8. Approved UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements.
9. Supported BLM & turned back on law enforcement.
10. The Iran Nuclear Pact.
11. Feckless foreign policy
12. The famed triple play…Clinton to lynch to Obama to Comey.
13. The Bo Bergdahl swap.
14. Tried to close Gitmo.
15. Over 2000 presidential pardons and commutation of criminals including over 300 durg dealers, etc the last day of his presidency
16. $221M to Palestine

Here is a list of Trump accomplishment after day 30.
1) Selecting Neil Gorsuch for The Supreme Court: Well qualified originalist. Will swing SCOTUS in a more constructionalist direction.
2) Ordering construction of the border wall: Keeping his campaign promise. A step toward controlling illegal immigration.
3) Undermining Obamacare: Will stop a failed program and provide a much cheaper alternative of affordable insurance.
4) Killing The Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade deal: Will make America competitive in international markets and bring jobs home.
5) Approving The Dakota Access Pipeline and the Keystone Pipeline: Reduce the cost of gasoline without harming the environment.
6) An Executive Order asking The DOJ And Homeland Security to withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities: Will help solve illegal immigration, lower the crime rate and cut welfare payments.
7) Ordered federal agencies to cut two regulations for every new one proposed: A much needed push to reduce strangling regulation and overreach by government. Less red tape.
8) Reinstating the Mexico City policy: Bars federal funding of abortions for international agencies that promote or perform abortions.
9) Pulling support for the Obama drive to force women to allow men in their bathrooms: Will toss the ball to the states to enact their own legislation. Imagine school age boys in the girls bathroom.
10) Freezing all federal hiring outside of the military: Will shrink government and wasteful spending rampant in DC.
11) Israeli reset: Meeting with Netanyahu reset U.S.-Israel relationship which had deteriorated under the Obama Presidency. Appointment of Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador is already paying dividenDS. Critical to See video as it is exemplary of the Trump attitude toward tackling problems head on!
12) Cabinet: Picking an all star cabinet. Posts filled with experienced military and business men and women. Not politicians.
13) $221M to Palestine: Unconfirmed whether Trump’s order to halt the literally last minute of the Obama Presidency was successful.
14) Contact of world leaders: To date Trump has spoken personally or met with over 30 important world leaders. This can only help cement good will with our allies and aid in resetting relations with Russia.
15) Added $3T to the American wealth.
16) Kate’s Law. Much stricter border enforcement with severe prison penalities for those who enter illegally.
17) Sanctuary Cities will lose their Federal funding.
18, Passed through the House, a new health care bill.


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