This has been a long time in coming. Burning questions need answers. Finally an investigation with substance. So, let’s see what they will look for.

1. The Clinton-Lynch-Obama-Comey tarmac combination. Does anybody really think that Bill Clinton had his plane moved next to AG Loretta Lynch on the Arizona tarmac to discuss their grandchildren? All aids on Lynch’s airplane were asked to leave. Of course not, he wanted to influence Lynch in her decision to prosecute HRC for her classified emails, destruction of evidence, lying to congress, etc.

2. Lynch-Comey collusion in terming HRC criminal investigation as a “matter” not an investigation. That is what the Clinton campaign wanted so as to tamp down the harshness of the word, “Investigation”. Perhaps, the FBI should change its name to the Federal Bureau of Matters.

3. Collusion with Comey in decision that dropped criminal charges against HRC, even though Comey termed her acts as “extremely careless”. That is tantamount to gross negligence, a felony offense which would either put her behind bars or at the very least swamp her bid for President.

It is quite possible that Susan Rice will be brought in as will former FBI chief Comey. We might very well see an HRC subpoena which will lead to Bill & Hillary misappropriation of Clinton Foundation funds.

Lastly, depending on what they get out of Lynch, Comey et al, this might lead all the way up to Barack Obama. Will she take the 5th? This investigation is the one with real substance and meaning.

Just how complicit was President Obama? What did he know or order that moved Susan Rice to gather intelligence and eavesdrop on private citizens? How was he involved with the Comey-Lynch decision not to prosecute HRC? Will collusion between the Obama administration and the HRC presidential campaign be exposed?

Hopefully, all will come out in due course.