President Trump commented that there might be recordings of fired FBI Directory James Comey of their private conversations in the oval office. Trump’s tweet came days before Comey’s appearance before the Senate panel.

The Democratic line is Comey’s knowledge that tapes of their conversations may exist indicates that he is credible; that he risked perjury charges if he lied.

Left Wing media and Dems suggested that the threat of these tapes was made to intimidate Comey before his testimony. They cried , “Obstruction of justice” and have led to the hiring of a special prosecuter to investigate obtruction and Russian collusion.

Trump’s twitter served another purpose. Even though tapes do not exist, they serve the same purpose as if they did. It kept Comey honest. If he lied, the tapes would bear that out. So, what we got was a truthful and somewhat shocking response to poignant questions. Comey’s answers showed the lack of character and backbone that he had previously displayed when he let HRC off the criminal hook for her classified email debacle.

Further by-products of Comey’s testimony are:
1. Trump was not under iinvestgation for Obstruction of Justice.
2. Comey’s display of weakness, especially when questioned by Democrat Diane Feinstein, was vindication for Trump’s firing of the FBI Director.
3. Comey’s revelation that AG Loretta Lynch demand that he use the term “matter” rather than “investigation” when referring to the HRC inquiry.
4. Comey’s reaction to the Clinton-Lynch meeting on the Arizona tarmac.
5. As a result of his testimony, the Senate Judiciary Panel is now in the process of developing a hearing with Loretta Lynch which could lead to the election collusion that points directly at HRC and President Obama. Remember the Clinton-Lynch-Obama-Comey combination.