We are witnessing the death throes of the Democratic party; the final stages of failure and the ultimate end of a Liberal philosophy that has veered off the track. It has become a toxic brand. Their leaders and their platform are out of step. They are so blinded with a combination of grief over the HRC loss and their hatred for Trump that they no longer care for the well being of their constituency.

This is no temporary insane reaction to the HRC loss, rather, it is a calculated plan to wreck and unseat the President, no matter what the costs to the American people.

Just one week before Trump’s inauguration, Barack Obama issued an extraordinary executive order, a reckless departure from long standing policy, which allowed the NSA to share communications intercepted from private American citizens with the FBI, CIA, & 14 other intelligence agencies. All collected without warrants, court orders, or congressional authorization.

The net effect of this order was to sabotage the new government for the explicit purpose of undermining the newly elected president. It is no surprise that a conveyer belt of leaks has resulted in setting the stage for a rolling coup against the Trump administration.

We are witnessing a combination of agitation and propaganda which justifies a quest for power by any means. Staged demonstrations and chaos followed Trump’s proposed immigration ban. Countless investigations without one bit of proof continue to waste lawmakers’ time so that the goals of the Trump administration are hampered by endless gridlock.

The traditional role of accepting a loss and being respectful to an incoming president no longer exists. Those ideas have always been workable because they revolved around freedom that ties rights to responsibilities. Cooperation from outgoing presidents is and has always been the right, if not mandatory, thing to do. A peaceful change of power is what has kept Democracy alive for almost 250 years..

No so with Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Schiff, Lewis, et al.

The Dems are in full flight. They lost 1042 state and federal elections including the Presidency. Members of both houses are beginning to speak out and demand a change in leadership of their party.

Too little too late. Yes, it’s the same hackneyed leadership, but more important, it is a tipping over of the far left that is killing the Democrats. They are divided, ideologically rigid, morally corrupt, and lacking in common sense. They are filled with rage and moral superiority toward all that voted against their corrupt candidate.

In the end, Donald Trump is providing some long overdue backbone to the Republican Party. In contrast, the Democratic Party appears to be in the midst of a death struggle. The silent majority saw through all of this come election time. The brought on Trump who vowed to cut the Democratic corruption to a screeching halt. He is doing just that.