The belief that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities and should be treated as intellectual and social equals to men.
QUERY: What rights or privileges do men have that women don’t? What can men do that women can’t? Constitutionally and legislatively they are equal in every way. While there are physical constraints, they are not impossible barriers to overcome and usually occur in the military, law enforcement and fire fighters.
A feminist isn’t really interested in equal rights for women. They already have that except in one place: Divorce Court where the playing field is slanted their way.
Women’s marches do not march for all women. The man-hate examples set by Madonna, Ashley Judd, & Elizabeth Warren are indicative of the radical and highly visible arm of Feminism. But what about the pro-lifers, those that don’t embrace the victim mentality, conservative women, and stay at home Moms? Where are their voices?
VICTIMS: The feminist movement teaches women to see themselves as victims of an oppressive patriarchy. Today, young women have more opportunities and more liberties than any women in history, yet their leaders tell them they’re short-changed silenced victims of a male dominated society. The demand for special treatment clouds the real question of equal opportunity .
Stop obsessing about equal outcomes, lest we find ourselves trying to cure society, not of sexism, but of free choice.