Losing a loving pet is very emotional, but it is a time to be practical and reasonable. Your favorite is physically gone, but will remain a memory that is cherished for many years to come.

So, what is the remedy for the sorrow that we feel and can’t seem to get it out of our mind? The obvious answer is getting another personable dog or cat. They’re all beautiful. Go to a shelter or rescue place and find another beauty. Very soon it will take over your heart… just like the last friend did.

Easier said than done.

You know what joy your best friend brought to you and would want you to have another good buddy to make you laugh, because that’s all he/she wanted to do was to make you happy.

It is an inherent and highly probable risk that your shadow will die before you do. We all share the same risk. So, we have to accept it, enjoy our pets, & treat them better than we treat ourselves.


PS: Clover, my sweet rescue boy, is not deceased. I showed him as an illustration of a happy friend