COLLUSION: The Liberal version….


1. Loretta Lynch, US Attorney General, meets secretly on an Arizona tarmac on June 30, 2016.with Bill Clinton, spouse of then candidate Hillary Clinton. Clinton & Lynch say that they were talking about their grandchildren.

2. Lynch meets with Obama who goes to FBI director James Comey and tell him not to file criminal charges against HRC. This will live on in infamy.

3. July 5, 2016, just 5 days after the tarmac meeting, Comey holds press conference. He says that HRC was extremely careless (gross negligence) but was not going to recommend criminal charges. Lynch then defers to Comey’s recommendation. Comey could have impaneled a grand jury, but too much pressure from above…linked all the way to the oval office.

4. Lynch tells Comey not to refer to HRC as an investigation, but to call it a matter which dovetails into the terminology used by the Clinton campaign.

5. CNN provides questions to Donna Brazile, then DNC chair-woman in advance so that HRC would have an advantage over Donald Trump in a nationally televised debate hosted by CNN.

6. DNC chair-woman conspires with Clinton to block Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders from winning the Democratic nomination.

7. Government official Comey leaks his 7,000 word statement of his private conversations with the President to the NY Times through a friend, a college professor. It is aimed at discrediting Donald Trump.

8. FBI Director Comey hands out immunity to persons involved with HRC criminal investigation. He permits them to destroy evidence (computers, files, and cell phones). He doesn’t place key suspects & witnesses, including HRC, under oath. Nor does he record their interviews. In fact, he doesn’t interview HRC personally who was never put under oath.

9. Left wing media has perpetuated conspiracy theory lies and published fake news to discredit President Trump. He was never the subject of the Russian collusion investigation, yet the media never reported it.

10. Democrats Schumer, Feinstein, Waters, Warren, Perez, Brown, Lewis, etc. all line up against Trump and collude with the Left Wing media to claim Russian collusion and obstruction of justice. Today those charges were proven groundless by Comey who was under oath.