The scope and scale of this water conveyance system will be equal to the monumental importance of the Panama Canal. Permanent gains will be realized for a minimum of 100 years, perhaps an annuity in perpetuity.

A WATER CONVEYANCE SYSTEM: The annual massive floods in the East Coast, Mid-West and Mississippi River eventually drain to the underground water table and then on to the ocean or Gulf of Mexico. This wasted flow could be channeled into dams and reservoirs then moved by “aqua-ducts” to the parched Western states including Texas & Oklahoma. The route via the Great Plains thru Arizona to Calif is a fairly simple path to keep construction costs down.

As flood plains rise, large pumps move the excess water westward through pipelines, keeping the large rivers at normal levels. Oil is piped from Alaska similar to the proposed Keystone pipeline. Water is far easier to move and presents no hazards to the environment.

1. High paying American jobs would be created for a productive stimulus program that would have a long lasting effect. These jobs would be in the USA and by American companies. Maybe a job for the Corps of Army Engineers who, along with their military brethren will be looking for jobs after deficit spending ceases and massive layoffs start.
2. Clean energy would be produced by water movement.
3. Hardship endured by Mid-West and Mississippi flooding would be eliminated.
4. Much needed water gets to the right places instead of sinking into the water table and swelling the rivers to flood stage.
5. Flood Insurance premiums would go down.
6. Financing could be with long term tax-free government bonds at very low rates. When will it ever get cheaper? How many more treasuries can they sell?
7. Payback by those who use the water, but at a much lower rate than they are paying now.
8. A stimulus program that would fit the size of the need.
9. The bill would be passed with bi-partisan action.
10. Lower food costs with increased crops.

Obviously, this is a project that would have to be sponsored and run through the Federal government because it’s not confined to California.

I contacted Senator Feinstein and she liked the concept but has not followed through. She wrote me a personal letter lauding the idea, but not anything since. I wrote to President Obama six times with no response. Emailed to Trump…nothing yet.

Los Angeles has 2 active aquaducts, the Owens Valley built in 1913 and then one supervised by William Mulholland. Conceivably, it could be an open channel with enough current to keep it from stagnating.