Does it take the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise and 3 others to pull this nation together? Is that really going to stop the Left Wing media rhetoric?

The blame for the shooting on the ball field can be traced to the hostility generated by the Liberal press and the democratic leadership. We have now learned that the shooter not only asked one of the congressmen which side was GOP, but also had a list of three Republicans that he was going to kill.

Three celebrities and a play have helped influence the crazies to act out these fantacies. Maddona’s rant on bombing the Whitehouse, Griffin’s spoof on an Isis beheading, Snoop’s shooting the president in a music video and the Shakespeare in the Park play that portrays Trump’s assassination, a la Julius Caeser style.

Dems continue to sing the Obama fight song. Now, it’s carried into the Trump presidency. Impeach him they say! Off with his head? They are more interested in dethroning Trump than helping Americans..

Basically it’s all a Trump-hate smoke screen thrown up and slanted by the Liberal Media, fed by Schumer, Pelosi, Warren, Waters, Booker, Perez and Schiff. It is designed to hamper governance by the Trump administration.

Smear him with innuendo. Reduce his credibility. They wouldn’t get any press coverage otherwise. The Dems are short-sited. Don’t they know that the American public views their antics and statements as sour grapes while they risk losing more seats in the 2018 midterm elections?

They can’t get over the HRC defeat and the complete loss of power in both houses of Congress. So, the 8 years of Obama rhetoric continues while the Democatic party is in complete collapse.

It doesn’t make any difference whether Russians hacked the election, Comey’s unpredictable statements, the timing of his firing, General Flynn’s collusion, HRC guilt or innocence, the Clinton-Lynch-Obama-Comey combination, Trump’s obstruction of Comey’s investigation, or friendly Russian connections with Trump & his team.

All this without one single shread of evidence of the phony charges that a special prosecutor will investigate.

DJT is our President. That’s that! Does anybody really think that Trump is that stupid to obstruct an FBI investigation in the Flynn connection with Russia? Why would Trump risk his presidency or the well-being of a country he loves so much to help Flynn who was a goner; out of the Trump government for lying to VP Pence?

So, let’s get down to governing. Undo and redo bad policies and decisions made by former President Obama. Repubs ought to know they will get nothing out of the Dems, so move on without them. They don’t need them for passage but do need the GOP party to unite to be able to legislate.

It’s time to quit this childish squabbling. Get this country back on track again. Time to “Make America Great Again.”