The Left is pegging President Trump as the culprit if WW3 starts. He is an emotional man who appears to act impulsively.

There are U.S. boots on the ground in Syria and more on the way. Combined with the presence of radical ideologues in the White House and the involvement of the powerful militaries of Iran and Russia in the same battle spaces as the U.S., Trump could take the world to the brink of the unthinkable.

The Left Wing must slow its Mustang down.

Donald Trump has not started any new wars — yet. But his administration is pouring gasoline on the sore spots left by his predecessor. The escalation in war-related countries have necessitated foreign policy changes in Iran, Syria, Ukraine, South China sea Taiwan, and North Korea.

Trump inherited all these flashpoints and has finally drawn the proverbial line in the sand that Obama drew and walked away from it. What choice do we have?

If we let Iran and North Korea continue to develop nukes and delivery systems, intercepted_episode_nine_v2-1490124654-article-header[1]the entire world must fear the two madmen running their respective countries.

An interesting dichotomy has developed. North Korea has no delivery system and Iran has no bomb. Seems like they may make a trade.That’s totally dangerous and out of the question. So, Trump has put his foot down on both countries.

If China won’t silence KJU, then we will. The Iran nuclear pact is worthless, so Trump will cancel it and demand a new deal. This time it will include attention to Iran’s terrorist sponsorship.

In the end, Russia, China and the US will bond together and snuff out the two pipsqueaks. That’s because an irritant in any one of big three could blow the other two up. That accomplishes nothing. So, they need each other. The friendship between Iran and Russia could very well work to our advantage as big brother will come down on small boy and make him tow the line.

Same for China-North Korea. NK depends on 85% of its imports to keep the country afloat. Cut off the spigots, and NK comes to its senses, albeit a senseless ruler is running the show. Then again, maybe KJU is not mad, maybe he and his predecessors are screwed negotiators and are extracting concessions by threatening anybody and everybody. China doesn’t want a war for the simple reason that countless millions will surge into China fleeing the Holocaust.

So it might end up on Trump’s doorstep. We drop some MOAB’s on NK and the people flee to China, so now the ball is in China’s court. They realize this and that’s why they step in and end the nuclear threat.

Syria is of no real import. Ukraine is very localized and will be dealt with on a local level. Taiwan isn’t important to China, after all they haven’t had anything to do with them since WWII. The South China sea will work itself out. Maybe a base for China to store some of its military might.

Where is Douglas MacArthur when we need him? douglas-macarthur-9390257-1-402[1]The unpredictability of Trump works in our favor. He does what he says and says what he does. Scary yes, but not to us. He’s on our side!!