Unlike Hitler, Trump did not try to seize power, he was elected President through the Democratic process. Trump did not spend a decade calling for violence against entire peoples or nations. He did not speak of building an empire beyond America’s shores.

Nazi policies began in 1933 with an ethnic cleansing of Jews, foreigners, homosexuals, minority groups and political critics. Trump has done none of that. A contemporary analysis would hold Trump pitting white Christian America against all minorities, present and future. There is no evidence of White Supremacy in Trump’s campaign or his brief Presidency.

1. SCAPEGOAT: Hitler blamed minority groups for his economic and policy failures. Blame the Jews. They were connected to big money. He created a conspiracy against pure Germans which resonated to their nationalistic spirit.
a. Trump has done none of that. In fact, he courts Israel.
2. MEDIA: Ideological command over all media outlets and shutting down those that disagreed.
a. While Trump has had disagreement with the Liberal press, they attend press conferences, ask questions, & continue to freely operate.
b. Social media is far too extensive and diverse to be manipulated with any sort of propaganda.
3. MILITARY: Hitler used the SS, Storm Troopers and Hitler youth to intimidate, arrest, imprison, and murder adversaries; think Kristallnacht, 1938 where books that were burned throughout Germany and attacks on Jews and political opponents.
a. Our military is independent and outspoken. Trump, while commander and chief, respects the various generals who now hold cabinet posts. He will rely on them as well as high ranking individuals in the various branches of the armed services.
4. EMERGENCY LAWS: Hitler used the threat of foreign aggression to enable the government (Hitler) to pass laws without the government. He suspended the rights, political and individual, of most Germans, effectively outlawing opposition parties.
a. The Constitution guarantees checks and balances. The President cannot act alone.

Comes now the comparison. Pointing to Trump’s past is not a convincing argument. His priorities and policies are going to be much different than running Trump Enterprises. Yes, he could make some regrettable mistakes, but our legislative, executive and judicial prohibits the laying of building blocks of Fascism. His path is pretty clear and he knows it.