The hush of China in sanctioning North Korea is going to lead to an aggressive act from the US to disarm their missiles and nuclear arsenal. China’s silence is deafening.

NK continues to test intermediate range missiles and has delivered a message that says LA can expect a gift package from KJU. That means they are close to development of an ICBM. We know they are very close as one of the last test missiles flew to a vertical height of 1200 miles. Translated into horizontal capability, that’s not far from the US West coast.

1. China steps up and cuts North Korea off.
2. Arm South Korea and Japan with nuclear capability. Neither want it, but China wants that less.
3. USA sets up an embargo to cut North Korean from being supplied by all sources including China.
4. Drop MOAB’s on all their missile launch and mfg. sites.
5. A Coup d’etat overthrowing KJU.
6. Dennis Rodman: Who knows about Dennis. I think he loves his country. What an opportunity to become a peace maker instead of an enforcer.

China wants none of the above. Most of all it does not want the North Korean hoards to flood the Chinese borders by the millions. So, it comes down to just how much pressure Trump wants to apply to his new found friend Chinese President Gee.

There is no way President Trump will continue to allow this to continue. He has said, “If they (China) won’t, we will.” We are in that process now.

  • Here’s what we have done so far:
    1. Carrier task force already at Korean Peninsula.
    2. 2nd Carrier task force in Sea of Japan, steaming toward South Korea.
    3. 2 B1 Bombers land in South Korea. Increases bomb loads at a very convenient location.
    4. Dropped MOAB in Afghanistan to show our capabilities.
    5. Missile defense system: A test missile to ICBM missile shoot down will be tested in the next few days. So far 50% effective. 17952875_1656196314689710_7510712069825462830_n[1]The ICBM will be launched in the Marshall Islands and has a velocity of 16,000 mph. A shoot down missile leaves Vandenberg Air Force base in California to intercept the ICMB and terminate it.
    6. We have already drawn the line in the sand. Trump warned that if KJU continues to test missiles we will put a stop to it. Nine tests thus far this year, on the way to a record number of launches.

Is this enough? I think not! The longer we wait, the closer KJU comes to doomsday.

The big problem is South Korea and its enormous population in Seoul. 10,000,000 people live there. NK has 100’s of artillery aimed at the SK capitol, only 35 miles away. They won’t hesitate to use these guns or nukes in an effort to retaliate from a bomb attack on their missile silos and Nuke arsenal. NK has an electromagnetic pulse weapon. It can devastate large cities by wiping out its electrical capabilities and can be delivered by 155 mm cannons.

The allies cannot continue to live under the wrath of a mad man/petulant child armed with the most dangerous weapons man has ever devised.

A well planned attack on multi fronts might work. Attack the border cannons, seek out the rest of them, and destroy the missiles sites as well as the nuke storage. Regardless, losses on both sides will be huge.

With technology, discovery won’t be an issue, but the implementation will be. Timing is of the utmost importance.

Haven’t we had enough experience with Pearl Harbor? Either we get them or they get us! If we don’t, then whom?