She was charming and well spoken in front of a room with at least 250 people. No opportunity for questions other than written ones which were edited by an assistant.

Consequently, no hardball questions and only softball responses. I wrote a card asking her if she thought the Obama/Clinton pullout of Iraq in 2011 spawned ISIS? It didn’t get asked.

She left immediately when luncheon was over and was escorted to a private room at our country club surrounded by security. I didn’t think that was cool. Not smart on her part considering she’s very involved with the Boys & Girls Club of America. Condoleezza supports UNHCR; Services: Emergency Medical Aid, Disaster Response, Community Health.

Nothing social about lunch Lots of potential donors right in front of her, that with some social interaction, she could have stimulated their interest.

HRC charged $200,000 for her speaking engagement to the to the Boys & Girls Club of America.

She said KJU has limited mental capacity and as such is very dangerous. Will have missile delivery system to reach US in a few years. No US President will tolerate that. She says China has to be pushed into stopping NK but they don’t want a regime change because that would lead to SK expansion. Imo, and somewhat hers, the overriding factor is mass flight to China when the bombs start dropping and an all out war begins. All this providing China doesn’t intercede. That’s where the Trumpster steps in. “They don’t do it, he will!”

Advised us to support our president, as he is the one that was fairly elected. She’s big on democracy but doesn’t think it can be enforced by our military. Needs to grow organically. Says Putin thinks he is the savior of the Russian people. Compares himself to Alexander the Great and Charles 12.

We got a gift packet including her latest book. She has a good sense of humor and is super bright. Will not ever run for POTUS. Not cut out for it she says.