Sure, she later apologized that she went to far when she realized that beheading our President was not funny. She didn’t get the laughs or approval she needed. I guess she thinks that an apology erases the damage she has done.

This is just another example of elitist celebs that use their position to influence and mold public opinion. Think Madonna who wanted to bomb the White House or Ashley Judd’s rant on Trump’s election being worse than getting raped or her comparison of Trump to Hitler. Jon Stewart’s F**kface Von Clownstick ranks high on the insult for lunch bunch.

Where does the 1st Amendment end and hate crimes begin?

These hypocrites embrace unfettered Muslim immigration but live behind gated walls. They wouldn’t offer any of them shelter. Take Streisand, Hanks, Hoffman, Redford & many others as they tried to keep the public off their beaches even though it belonged to the State of California.

I’m going to coin a new word for them and the liberal parrots that follow the Dem rhetoric and the Left Wing media. OBLIVITARDS fits the oblivious Left even though countless reports, videos, murders, rapes, brutality and Sharia Law should tell them to think in the exact opposite.