June 05



megalodon_size_white[1]The Megalodon largest known predator on Earth reached a length of 60′ and weighed 60 tons. It had a girth of a school bus. By comparison, the modern Great White sharks max out around 23 feet and 3 ½ tons. This makes the Megalodon nearly 3 times longer and 20 times heavier than the Great White.

The went extinct about 1.6 million years ago during the Pleistocene Age. There have been some phantom sitings in the last 150 years but definitive proof, while somewhat convincing, does not exist.

A strong lean to its existence is shown was shown on Discovery’s Shark Week in July, 2016. It shows a very large shark, 60′ +, when scaled against some school buses taken at the same resolution.

megaladon 2I just purchased this Megalodon tooth. 2 million years old, 61/4″ tall and weighs 18 oz. The teeth were serrated, but worn off on this specimen. I always wanted one, don’t know why, just fascination.