After years of racism perpetrated upon blacks by an “unjust system”, Black civil wrongs constitute their #1 threat to progress. The surrender to drugs, dropouts, violence, abandoned families, and alienated children have not only eroded their power base, but are fueling the politics of fear, anger, and repression.

They are easy marks because these victims still cling to their Charlatan leaders Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan and the Democratic plantation which panders for their vote and then abandons them.

Comes now BLM which advocates violent protest, civil disobedience, and lack of respect for law enforcement. Their agenda which, enhanced by two visits to the Obama Whitehouse, has led to mass shooting of policemen and a series of ambush killings done by crazies who tipped over and followed BLM teachings.

It is truly unfortunate that the black community would prefer to share the misery of injustice rather than honor goals of the system and lift themselves through its pursuit of the truth.

It is especially tragic that the “heroes” of our black community today are lawbreakers who “got away with it.”.

If Blacks want to change their victim complex of self pity, they must adopt a different mind set and change of heart. Then, a new identity will be established. Nothing around the black community is going to change, only change from within will be successful. The key to change is in the mind, the heart.

It must not always be about race.

That change will be aided by the $100B that President Trump has pledged to put into black communities nationwide. We hope that new leadership will emerge and lead the black community to different standards and raise the bar to new heights.