June 05



Just how lucky do you feel?

Why do people continue to swim in the ocean? Do they think that there are no sharks near the beach? Does it matter that 80% of all shark attacks are within 100′ of the shore? Many in less than 3-5′ of water.

Bull sharks, 10 footers weighing 1000 pounds have been found in fresh water rivers around the globe. They have been spotted in the Mississippi River as far North as St. Louis. While this isn’t the ocean it demonstrates their versatility.

I find it amusing when shark experts give us assurance that the sharks we see off the beaches are not aggressive; do not to worry. How do they know that one, just one, might deviate from the pattern laid out by these wizards and take a hungry bite out of hapless and helpless surfer or swimmer?

Even a juvenile can kill you. Young Great Whites have been seen close to shore in Malibu and around Southern California. Hell, they only weigh 350 pounds and are about 6′ long. Don’t have to worry about them! Yeah, but how did they get there in the first place? Big Momma is not far away.

Bottom line, you want to live, keep out of the ocean!