1. I can marry a 10 year old.
2. I can have 4 wives at the same time. If I get tired of one of them, my relatives and I can stone her to death providing I follow the procedure described under the Quran.
3. If I’m average I will have 8 children. I can sell my daughters beginning at age 3. If I keep her I can have sex with her when she turns 9. That’s OK because we get to practice thighing (masterbating between the legs of a female infant or actually sodomizing her).
4. I can beat my wife.
5. I don’t have to keep pets in my house.
6. If I turn to terror and kill the infidels, 72 virgins await my arrival in Paradise.
7. I get to kill a female family member who has dishonored our name. Of course other male members will assist. Stoning, dismembering and capital punishment are all part of the process; all of which I will enjoy.
8. I can marry my 1st cousin.
9. I can rape all I want because she has to have 4 witnesses to prove me guilty.
10. Sharia law tells me its OK to dominate and take over Western cultures & kill all the infidels. I can destroy property, live off welfare, and take over small towns and villages because I’m a refugee.