I’ve read multiple threads on FB and unanimously all criticized, denounced, and condemned United for the way it handled the incident. I concur that United handled the incident very poorly. Their policies need to be reviewed and changed.

I don’t know enough about UAL policies, but I do know that the ticket has a waiver that permits removal of passengers in the airline’s discretion. Anyone can be kicked off an overbooked flight against their will. In 2015 alone, 46,000 customers were involuntarily bumped from flights, according to the DOT.

I also know that the unions have dictated how many crew are required to run an airplane. Part of United’s decision to ask for four volunteers to give up their seats was a result of union regulations.

From the beginning, I had some serious doubts about Dr. David Dao. His frantic screams and later repeated rants when he returned to the aircraft led me to believe that he has a few screws loose. This is not the normal reaction a passenger would have if asked to deplane.

The doctor is far from normal, he is very troubled. He is a felon who traded prescription drugs for secret gay sex with patient half his age and took them himself – and he needed anger management, was ‘not forthright’ and had control issues, psychiatrist found. Court records verify this.

So, when the airport police arrived, they were not dealing with a calm rational individual. The screams and shouts were not what we would expect from a passenger who was asked to leave the plane. Police had to drag his limp body down the aisle all the way to the door.

Perhaps, the police felt excessive force was needed to eject the doctor for passenger safety. He was asked several times to leave the plane by the police who then went out and huddled to decide what to do. His final refusal and the acting out of the dramatic scene we have all seen is the result of not obeying police orders.

Airport police have the same authority as street cops. Disobey an order, dety them, and refuse to cooperate; the results are always the same. The police will carry out their order regardless of what extreme measures they must take to impliment their demands. Right or wrong, the police always win. Courtesy and compliance goes a long way.

This molehill became a mountain fueled by a belligerent passenger who isn’t playing with a full deck. He got what he deserved; a rude awakening.