We all agree that all races are equal as we are all of the same species. Any superiority of one race over another would be considered racism. The theory is not reality as there is always a faction that considers their race superior to others.

Query: If you are proud of your race, is that racism? How is one proud of their race and not praise its virtues without being shouted down?

We have all heard the expression, “I’m black and I’m proud” or witnessed T-shirts and slogans that say “I’m proud to be a Latina.” So, I can’t quite mesh this all together without running into the brand of racism. Are these statements not racist? If they are, nobody offers criticism. Can a T shirt or sign that says, I’m proud to be white” meet with the same result?

Then there is the Black Caucus, BET, Black Coaches Association and NAACP. What if there was a White Caucus, WET, White Coaches Association or the NAAWP? The former would condemn the latter.

People need to understand that each race is proud of its culture, history, customs and traditions. That is never going to change. One race cannot criticize another for this pride. Hypocrites abound.

The answer lies in Utopia or at the end of the rainbow. We chase it but can’t find it.DOUBLE STANDARD