June 02



President Trump is doing what Obama should have done in 2013. North Korea is simply a manifestation of his “line in the sand” drawn in 2013, but never acted upon.

KJU slowly built up his nuclear capability. He has become emboldened, knowing that America will do nothing.

Now he has the bomb and a partially developed delivery system; some failures and some successes. He’s getting much closer.

Comes now DJT. He has given a loud and clear message by bombing a Syrian airbase after a chemical attack and a MOAB dropped a couple of days ago in ISIS held Afghanistan.

17952875_1656196314689710_7510712069825462830_n[1]That message is simple. Continue on with ballistic missiles and nuclear bombs and the United States will put a halt to this proliferation. Either China will step in, pressure KJU, take away their nukes and missiles, and appoint his successor… or we will.

So what if he flip flops. He’s reacting to changing scenarios.That’s what we want in our President.

Military escalation has and will soon engulf the Korean Peninsula. 32,000 troops, US aircraft carriers, and destroyers with missile defense systems will be the first line in preventing damage if KJU pulls the proverbial trigger.

The only problem is that a mentally ill KJU will not care or listen. It’s not a fair game of chicken.

So, the ball is in KJU ‘s court. It is highly likely we will drop a couple of MOABs on the missile sites if the next one leaves North Korea. He wants an ICBM that can reach the United States. He cannot be allowed to develop that weapon.

Say KJU doesn’t cave to Chinese pressure. He sends a nuke to where? Most likely Japan, Seoul, or Los Angeles.

California would be first to be hit, the most Left wing state of the 50, and the Liberal Parrots will continue their anti-Trump jargon claiming WW III.

So, he gets one shot and we do the old Douglas MacArthur. He’s next up.