THE ARMS RACE: Build up or de-escalate?


President Trump’s announced intention to beef up the military and modernize our weaponry is a misstep. He should direct his attention to de-escalation rather than build up. World opinion will be with him. China and Russia can be easily convinced as they cannot afford to keep up.

We have enough nukes and missiles to blow the Earth up many times over. No need to get stronger when more strength is not the issue. Detuning the military… is a much more practical solution. Saves money and resources to enable us to help our poor, build infrastructure and pay down the debt.

The two crazies, Iran and North Korea can easily be dealt with. China pressures its neighbor and an Arab coalition sits on Iran till they bend. Behind both are the big 3.

The threat that global thermo nuclear war brings to this planet is total annihilation of all living things. The risk of accidental detonation is far greater than a deliberate event. For that precise reason, every country should give up all their missiles and bombs. The world is so small that aggression can no longer be tolerated, especially when it spills over its own borders.

There must be security for all or no one is secure. This does not mean giving up any freedom except the freedom to act irresponsibly.

The test for any authority is the force that supports it. The U.N. is already in place, it only needs a revived mentality which gives it the teeth needed to gain respect. Its bite needs to be worse than its bark. With a strong UN, where all countries provide military and financial support, the need for individual armies will become irrelevant. Call it a Global Police Force.

The penalty for warlike acts must be too terrible to risk. A slap on the hand by the U.N. or sanctions and boycotts by other countries is a slow drawn out process. Sanctions don’t work because there is always the black market.The short sighted perpetrators will not recognize any retribution that is not immediate and devastating.

Electromagnetic Pulse technology produces an adequate remedy that is effective and punishing. A simple solution cuts all electric power which in turn would render the offender helpless, certainly incapable of waging further brutalities.

Return them to BC times. A tit-for-a-tat. Poetic justice no?

The result is we live in peace without arms or army, secure in the knowledge that we are free of aggression and can pursue more productive enterprises.