June 02


It’s an Arab problem and the solution rests with them. WHY AMERICA, WHY NOT SAUDI ARABIA?

16298746_1627840000858675_8093826883377711490_n[1]How about Saudi Arabia? They have a vacant tent city that holds 3,000,000 people complete with power, plumbing and air conditioning. It’s geographically very convenient to Syria and Iraq, transport is easy and economical.

Gulf countries including Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain have offered zero resettlement places to refugees.

An Israeli stamp on your passport disqualifies your visit to Saudi Arabia and almost all the other Arab countries.

Before you lecture the Trump administration on his immigration ban, consider that America has spent it’s entire existence, offering help to other nations including military, immigration, financial, and democracy. So, are we done? Of course not, but a good part of Trump’s thrust is to have other nations carry their fair share of the burden.

So, my liberal faint hearted parrots, stop crying about how unfair America is and focus your efforts on the gluttonous Saudis.